Accessing Neurological Care

– Patients with neurological emergencies including suspected symptoms of stroke should call 911.

– Physicians can refer patients with urgent neurological problems (needing assessment within two weeks), to the rapid neurology clinic if the case has been discussed with the neurologist on call (through hospital switchboard).

Rapid Neurology Clinic Physician Referral

RACE (Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise) can provide physicians with advice about Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders within two hours through a dedicated phone line and smartphone application.  The system is served by a Movement Disorders specialists from across British Columbia and is available M-F, 0800-1700 PST.

The application for physicians can be downloaded from

RACE can be called at 1-877-696-2131 – for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders, press 5

– Patients requiring assessment for TIA / stroke should be referred to the TIA/Stroke Prevention clinic.

TIA / Stroke Clinic Physician Referral

TIA / Stroke Clinic patient information

As of October 2017 Dr. Wile is not accepting general neurology referrals.

Okanagan Movement Disorders Clinic referrals should be sent by your doctor to:

Local Fax: 778-478-2186
Toll-Free Fax: 1-844-273-0463

How are referrals handled?

Our goal is to meet the needs of Movement Disorder patients in the Okanagan who do not have neurological care.

New referred patients are seen in order of (1) urgency and (2) date referred.

We take into account (1) if the diagnosis is not clear, (2) if there is a need for treatment change, (3) if there is already a neurologist treating the patient.

Patients must be referred for repeat assessments, even if they have been seen by Dr. Wile previously. This ensures there is enough time in the clinic to see new referred patients and improve wait times.

When a patient who has been seen by Dr. Wile previously is referred for repeat assessment it is given high priority.

When our assessment results in a need for close followup this is sometimes accomplished through phone followup or repeat appointments until the immediate issues are stabilized.